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10 Things People with Mental Illnesses are SICK of hearing

Humans. We all like to think we know everything about everything and EVERYONE has an opinion…even when they have no experience of what they’re talking about- isn’t that impressive?

With mental health being more present in the media and public eye than ever before, conversations about mental illness are becoming more frequent, which is excellent! However there are still some people out there, despite all the evidence and information available to educate themselves, still don’t (or don’t want to) understand the topic of mental health properly, but still want to get involved in the conversation…

Here are 10 phrases that, as someone who has to deal with my brain having a paddy every other day, I find rather irritating. Of course these phrases are presented in a totally polite, definitely not sarcastic or in any way tongue-in-cheek manner…

And to just assist those who STILL don’t understand, I’ve created some diagrams to further illustrate my point…definitely not sarcastic…honest.



1) ‘Why are you feeling anxious? Nothing is happening.’


I don’t know.

‘We’re literally just sitting here’

I know.

‘So why are you anxious?’

*Stands on chair, banging pots and pans together whilst screaming:



2)  ‘It’s all in your head’

no 2

Mental illness:

Mental= ‘relating to the mind’

Mind= synonym of brain

Brain= ‘an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull’

You are correct it really is all in my head!

*sarcastic slow clap*

Well done Einstein…thank you for your contribution.


3) ‘I can refer you for counselling, but there is a waiting list.’

no 3

Oh that’s fine. I mean, it’s not like I’m seeking medical help, because I’m finding it hard to cope with my brain having a meltdown every other day.

6 months? Yeah I can wait.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t get any worse in that time, ha ha ha….


4) ‘All these mental health problems seem to be on the rise, with every ‘snowflake’ millennial saying they have one.’

no 4

Or maybe my generation wants to be more open about mental health, in order to deal with it in a healthy way, rather than the ‘stiff upper lip’ method from years gone by…also known as the stiff drink and bottling emotions to deal with stress, anxiety and low mood…

What do you mean I can’t stereotype an entire generation? You don’t all abuse alcohol and bottle emotions up. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot it was only the younger generation that are allowed to be stereotyped isn’t it? My mistake, please continue lecturing me on how crap my generation is…


5) Mental illnesses have become fashionable. These celebs saying they have a mental illness are selling it as something cool.

no 5

Yes, depression- this year’s most sought after accessory. Why not buy the mental illness starter kit? The new three in one- depression, panic attacks and social phobias. As seen on Adele, Demi Lovato and Dakota Johnson. Hurry now, whilst stocks last!

Why have a Prada handbag, when you can have anxiety? It’s fashionable (apparently) and easy on the purse! (if you don’t have to pay the £8 prescription charges).


6) Back in my day, we just got on with it. Your generation is soft.


Back in your day, you didn’t have university fees to pay off, you could get a house for £30,000 and the NHS wasn’t on it’s knees, plus they were still prescribing cigarettes for stress and Guinness for pregnant women…pipe down Grandpa.


7) ‘You really need to stop worrying and think positively!’


Why thank you for that amazing piece of advice! Why did I not think of that before. I’m cured! It’s a miracle!


No. Sod off.


8) ‘You don’t look depressed.’


I’m sorry, let me take my make up off, change into my stained, unwashed trackie bottoms and rock back and forth in a corner, listening to ‘The Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance. Would that be better?


9) ‘Doesn’t medication just mask the problem, rather than deal with it?’

I’ll remind you of that next time you take a painkiller for your headaches.

10) ‘You’re not trying hard enough.’

Sod. Off.


There is the door- off you sod.

no 10


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