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The Bookshelf #2

As I said earlier in the year, I've been aiming to read 20 books this year!

Surprisingly, I'm doing rather well in this challenge considering how busy I've been with moving house, starting a new job etc.

I'm currently re-reading the Harry Potter books (I don't know how many times I've read them now!), but I won't include them in this list, as I'm pretty sure you are aware of them!

If you're looking for some reading inspiration - here you go!

The tattooist of Auschwitz

By Heather Morris

This was a book I read super quick, I couldn't put it down!

As with all books about the Holocaust, it doesn't make for easy reading in places, and exploring the lives of those who had to endure such suffering is a sobering journey.

However, a love story in the midst of such tragedy is such a bittersweet concept and although the environment in which the love story takes place is harrowing, love finding a way through is such as touching story.

You will definitely need tissues when reading, but I would really recommend checking this emotional novel out.


The Autobiography of Malcolm x

By Malcolm x and Alex Haley

This was a lengthy, but absolutely captivating read.

This autobiography was a collaboration between Malcolm and journalist Alex Haley.

If you like a book that gives you plenty of food for thought, I would delve into this.

You are taken on a journey from Malcolm's childhood right up to not long before he died and his journey is absolutely fascinating.

It is written so personally that I do feel like I was sat in a room with Malcolm whilst he talked me through his life, his thoughts on race, religion and the world.

This book teaches everything you didn't learn about Malcolm X in school and I really recommend it!

I'd grab a cup of tea, sit down somewhere quiet and really take in this incredible and thought-provoking life story.


Part of your world

By Elizabeth J. Braswell

I love Disney spin-off books, especially the Twisted Tales and Villains series.

The Twisted Tales series take the Disney storylines we know and love and answers the question - what if the end of the movie didn't happen and good didn't prevail evil?

As you can guess from the title, this book is taken from the story of The Little Mermaid and explores what may have happened if Ariel hadn't broken Ursula's spell and married Prince Eric.

It's really easy reading and makes for a good chill out book - I also thought the version of Ariel in this story is incredibly cool!

Stick on an instrumental playlist of Disney song or relaxing sounds of the ocean, maybe make yourself an ocean themed drink and enjoy!


Evil Thing

By Serena Valentino

This is another Disney spin-off book, but it is part of the Villains series and it is SO GOOD!

It is an origin story of Cruella De Vil - it isn't a retelling of the plot of the new 'Cruella' movie - this origin story is completely different.

Although I really enjoyed the new 'Cruella' movie, I prefer this origin story more.

It is dark and filled with so many nods to the original 101 Dalmatians animated film and the character Disney created - the author clearly did her research and it is absolutely brilliant to see parts of the film incorporated throughout the book.

Spoiler Alert: I loved the twist at the end when Serena painted herself, not as the author of the book, but as a biographer who had sat with Cruella and penned her life story!

I would recommend some lush, smooth jazz music in the background and a decent slice of cake whilst you delve into this decadent tale.


When I lost you

By Merilyn Davies

I inhaled this book over about 2 days - I could not put it down!

If you like Police Drama shows like, Line of Duty and No Offence - you need to read this.

It is a gripping crime thriller written by a former Crime Analyst and it is filled with so many twists and turns you will find your hands glued to the book and unable to put it down!

I won't give too much away, but I will warn you that it is incredibly dark and covers triggering topics of child abuse and infanticide - so something to bear in mind before reading.

It's desperately sad, but incredibly gripping and incredibly clever and will have you on tenterhooks throughout your journey through it.

I would recommend a calming drink, maybe a hot chocolate or a glass of wine just to steady the tension as you read....or coffee if you end up staying up all night reading it. Oh and plenty of tissues - I sobbed quite a bit.


For King and country

By Annie Wilkinson

If you love a good romance story and enjoy books about World War 1 - then I would certainly check this out!

It follows a young nurse working in a hospital during World War 1, where she meets and injured soldier - but is he who he says he is!

She finds out a secret about him that she must keep under wraps as it risks his life.

Again, it's easy reading and really touching in places and has a cracking twist in it which I was secretly hoping would happen and it did!


Currently reading

I've got 2 books currently on the go!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which I forgot how much I love!

I'm at the point where the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons are about to arrive at the school!

I did forget about the point where Mad Eye Moody turns Malfoy into a ferret and did laugh out loud when it happened!

I'm also reading The World of Brass Bands by Violet and Geoffrey Brand, which is all about brass bands around the world.

I'm really enjoying it and the pictures of bands in days gone by are fantastic to look at, especially when you recognise people!

This book just goes to show how we can unite the world through music!

Well I hope that's given you some inspiration if you're looking for a book to pick up in the near future!


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