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What is InstruMental?

InstruMental by It's Not a Trumpet is a section of the blog that is dedicated to mental health within playing and performance. 

The aim of InstruMental is to help you become more 'tuned-in' to your practice sessions by assessing how your sessions make you feel and identify what you can change in order to make practicing more enjoyable, as well as productive. 

InstruMental also recognises the impact our mind can have on our performance, so you can find articles and resources about topics like mental health, performance anxiety, nerves and more. 


Advice & Tips


Check out our range of FREE InstruMental practice resources!

Use our InstruMental Practice Journal Sheets to make your practice sessions more mindful by creating objectives, tracking progress and, most importantly, analysing how your practice sessions make you feel to identify areas that will make your practice more enjoyable and productive. Use our 'Music Mantra' sheets to create positive affirmations that you can use to calm and motivate yourself before that big performance!

New resources will be added soon, so keep checking back!

Digital version of a practice journal sheet by It's Not a Trumpet
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