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The ‘Wasted Time’ Project

The Meaning of Life: Does EVERYTHING Have to Mean Something?

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I hate wasting time. I’ve always been a person that looks for ‘meaning’ in everything they do. This mind-set isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I mean spending time doing things that are worthwhile is surely a good thing? How often have you given up on something because it was ‘wasting time’? Have you ever decided to start something new or finished a project, not because it was necessarily ‘meaningful’, but just for plain enjoyment?


Wasted Time

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Get Out of My Head

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I remembered one fear I got over last year through making one scary decision. Before last year , the thought of getting on a plane terrified me, so I resided myself to probably never exploring anything than good old ‘Blighty’. However I found myself in the situation where I HAD to get on a plane in order to play a band concert in Austria. I could have refused to go (believe me I was tempted), but then I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to play at such an amazing event, so I went and in making that decision, the only thing about flying that I’m now afraid of is the bar prices at the airport. How many other things have I missed out on through avoiding ‘scary’ things?!

So, with that in mind I have made the decision to do at least some of the things I stopped myself from doing. Not necessarily for it to be successful or to be ‘meaningful’ just because I want to do it. Now I realise that even if it’s not regarded as successful I have achieved ‘meaning’ and ‘success’ because I did it! I need to learn to find achievement in finishing a goal that I set myself and regard success as the completion of this goal no matter what external credit or recognition the task gets.

The ‘Wasted Time’ Project

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1) Finish the novel. It doesn’t matter if I regard it as good, just as long as I finish it.

2) Get the tattoo. It’s designed and I’m dying to get it done, it’s just a case of walking into a tattoo parlour and avoiding killing a tattoo artist through the pain.

3) Start the YouTube channel. It may be thoroughly pants and it might only get four views (all from my mum) but at least I’ve done it.

4) Write the children’s book. I’ve planned it out and drawn the initial illustrations, it just needs putting together.

Hopefully achieving these four tasks will encourage me to set more goals for myself.  I may learn to take on more challenges in between these main goals. Whatever happens, the aim is to get out of the restrictive attitude of what I perceive to be ‘wasted time’.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or finish? What ‘wasted time’ goal would you like to acheive?

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