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Practice Journal Sheets

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A practice journal with a difference! 

With the InstruMental Practice Journal Sheets you can track what you're working on and how long you have practised. However, where these sheet differ is that you can also track the mental part of practising. ​

At the beginning of your session you can outline why you want to practise today, which is really important as it allows us to track why we practise. To improve a certain piece, work on a particular technique or just because we want to. 

You can then log the best part of your session. This can be an achievement during your session, a funny moment or just something that made you happy during your session, no matter how 'insignificant' you think it is. 

Log your goals for the next session - these goals don't just have to be music related! It could be to not be so hard on yourself if you make a mistake!

Finally you can track how you felt about your practice session. Did you enjoy it? If you didn't you can start to plan how to improve your practice sessions so you do enjoy them or change your mindset towards practising, e.g. find ways to make it seem less of a chore!

Print them out or use them on your tablet!

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Style 2

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My Music Mantras

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If you can visualise it, you can achieve it!

Mantras can give us a sense of purpose when we come to practise. They can enforce why we are practising and our belief in our abilities. 

When the time comes to step onto the concert or contest stage, we can take our mantras with us to strengthen our confidence.

Create your mantras, log them onto the sheet and keep them near your practice stand to remind yourself of how awesome you are and how brilliant your playing ability is!

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More resources coming soon

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