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Young Stars- Molly and Alice

For those of you who have worries that the banding movement maybe on limited time due to the potential lack of interest in the younger generation, these two amazing young players will prove to that the future of banding is in very safe hands. It’s wonderful to see that there are still young players who are not only getting involved in banding but absolutely adore this unique musical movement.

Molly and Alice are both twelve, yet despite their young age, you will be amazed at how many ensembles they are involved in. I’m so proud and excited to have the opportunity to feature them- their words are inspiring, hilariously entertaining and incredibly mature.



Name: Alice

Instrument: Tenor Horn/Fanfare Trumpet


  1. Rochdale Youth Band

  2. Whitworth Vale and Healey (Youth Band 

and Senior Band)

  1. Greater Manchester Youth Band

  2. National Children’s Brass Band of Great Britain

  3. Rochdale Youth Wind Band

  4. Fanfare Team


Name: Molly

Instrument: Tenor Horn/Fanfare Trumpet


  1. Rochdale Youth Band

  2. Wardle High School Band

  3. Yorkshire Youth Band

  4. National Children’s Brass Band of Great Britain

  5. Rochdale Youth Wind Band

  6. Fanfare Team


Why Did you Decide to Join a Brass Band?

Alice: I really wanted to play an instrument. Our village band put out an article in the village news welcoming any new players to the band and that they would provide an instrument and lessons to get started, so I went along.

Molly: I started playing at school and they had a band there, so I joined because I thought it would be fun.


If You Had to Play One Piece for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Alice: My solo would be a ‘Time for Peace’ by Peter Graham. My band piece would be ‘I’ll Walk with God’– It gives me goosebumps every time I play it.

Molly: For a solo: ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. It’s beautiful and one of my favourite songs. For a band piece: ‘Fire in the Blood’ by Paul Lovatt- Cooper.


What Do You Like Most About Being in a Brass Band?

Alice: It’s a really good laugh. Everyone in the band are really great mates who look out for each other.

Molly: You get opportunities to go to places and play at events that you’d never see normally and you make loads of good friends.


Is There Anything About Being in a Brass Band That You Would Change?

Molly: It would be great if there were more opportunities for young players in contesting bands.

Alice: Get rid of all the grumpy old men

*much laughter*

Molly: I think that’s the same thing!

[Editor’s Note: These girls are my new heroes!]


What Are Your Future Goals in Being Involved in Brass Bands?


Molly: I’d like to conduct a Youth Band too.


Which Musicians Inspire You?

Alice: Owen Farr. I worked with him last year at the National Children’s Brass Band of Great Britain and he was amazing. My Mum took me to hear him in concert in Manchester too and he was brilliant. I love listening to Maynard Ferguson, his high notes are just wow!

Molly: Sheona White and Owen Farr. They are both amazing players and I’m looking forward to working with Owen at the National Children’s Brass Band of Great Britain.


Do you Get Nervous When You Play and What’s Your Best Advice for Dealing With Nerves?

Molly: Yes! I take lots of deep breaths and try to keep calm that way.

Alice- A little bit when I’m playing solos. I always pretend there’s no one there and just go for it.


Would You Like a Career in Music

Alice: No, I want to be a pilot. Perhaps I could fly the bands around instead.

Molly: Yes, I want to be a music teacher.


Do You Have a Favourite Memory or Funny Story From Playing in Brass Bands?

Molly: Going to Whit Friday on the coach and everybody dropping their mouthpieces which rolled down the coach! Also winning the Europeans a couple of weeks ago with my school band!

Alice: I remember my first Whit Friday. I was nine and about half the size of everyone else in the band. I think we still won a couple of deportment prizes despite me skipping through most of the march to try to keep up with everyone else’s long legs.


Why Do You Think Young People Should Get Involved in Playing Music?

Alice: You make loads of friends and go all over the place, performing at really prestigious venues that you wouldn’t go to otherwise.

Molly: You get to meet lots of people and travel to lots of different places.


Brass Band Legends

These girls are beyond cool, from their taste in brass band music to loving Maynard Ferguson, not to mention their answer to question four (get rid grumpy old men- simply brilliant!) Molly and Alice are going to go far, I can see it. They’re not just Young Stars, they’re legends.


Would you like to be featured as a Young Star?

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