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Young Star Feature

New Feature

So, we’re going to have a new feature (ta-dah!) which I’m hoping will become a regular thing. As the original aim of this blog was to celebrate and encourage young players from all sections of banding, the ‘Young Star’ feature will promote these young voices from any seat in any section (that’s the aim anyway- ambitious much?).


Lost Voices

I know that, sometimes, players in lower sections, especially young players, can sometimes be left by the wayside and it’s only the views of the ‘successful’ young players or prodigies or older established players who get their voices heard most of the time. At the end of the day, the younger players are the future of banding. They’re the ones who will be setting up and running youth bands for the next generation. They’ll be responsible for managing and maybe changing the contest system. One day these young players will be future, principal players, composers of Regional, Open and Final Contest pieces, journalists and commentators for 4barsrest etc. If they’re not heard now, will they continue to reach this potential?

Now, I know what you may be thinking. I gave up a playing position in banding for now, does that mean I felt like I wasn’t being heard. Definitely not (you can read why I left here). In truth, despite not playing, my passion for brass bands and music has never and will never diminish, that’s why I still want to write about it and promote it. I’ve been lucky enough to play in some truly brilliant youth bands that really celebrate and nurture young talent. As a young player I was given opportunities to play principal positions in different bands and offered playing opportunities because someone encouraged, listened and believed in me- even at times when I didn’t believe in myself. I wrote and posted my ideas and feelings on banding and music, which were commented on. I have and do feel listened to. I want to make it easier for young players to have a chance to be heard, just as I was. I definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunities I had, if someone hadn’t listened to me.


How it works.

I’m hoping to get players involved from all seats around the stand, not just principal players and also from different sections. So whether you’re a soloist in a high flying championship section band or a third cornet in a fourth section or youth band, feel free to get involved!  Those who want to get involved just have to answer 10 questions basically covering their experiences, opinions and any advice that they have. An essay is not required- ain’t nobody got time for that! Who knows, you could be the person who inspires another young (or young at heart) player to get involved in music, plus it’s a chance to get your opinions and experiences heard and deservedly celebrated.


The First Young Star

I’ve already got the interview from our first young star, which will be published very soon. To say I’m excited about sharing their answers is an understatement. They are a prime example of what I want this feature to achieve. Their answers are not only intelligent, they are inspirational and I think a lot of people will be interested in what they have to say. Watch this space!


Get Involved

If you’re under 24 and play in any section of banding (youth and non-contesting are accepted too) and would like to be featured, get in touch!

Simply email with a little information about yourself and why you would like to take part.

Also did I mention we have a facebook page? Yeah we have one of those now, so if you want to get involved or simply find updates of the blog, give us a follow by clicking here.


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