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The Story of the Last Post

We hear it every year at Remembrance Sunday, Remembrance Day and other military anniversaries, but what is the Last Post? How did this simple bugle call become the haunting piece of music that is now used before the two minute silence? The main reason the Last Post and Reveille bugle calls were used during memorial ceremonies and funerals, initially came out of necessity. However the reason they are still used to this day is because of the symbolism behind the use of the bugle calls. In this video I also talk about the amazing Royal British Legion, the brilliant work that they do and how you can support their work.

As a cornet player who has played the Last Post and Reveille for 12 years, they are two pieces of music that mean a lot to me and the story behind them is absolutely fascinating, so I thought it would be interesting to share it with you! I also thought it would make a useful resource if you are a teacher and are looking for something to use in your lessons for Remembrance Day or if you are a parent (especially if your child can't attend school at the moment, due to Covid) and you wanted a quick educational video about Remembrance Day and the Royal British Legion.

If you want to know more about the history of the Last Post and Reveille and what the Royal British Legion does - grab a brew and enjoy the video!


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