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Only You- Almost Autumn

I love it when I’m introduced to new music, so I’m always so grateful when artists and groups get in touch with me to check out their music. So I thought  I would start writing about some of the music I’m being introduced to, so you can enjoy them as well!


Artist Profile


Hot Track

On the subject of lyrics, I’m a huge fan of the lyrics in this song ‘Love’s a game, but life’s a party’ is definitely a favourite- I may have to get that tattooed somewhere. Her rap section is structured effectively both lyrically and rhythmically and the hint of a Liverpool accent here and there, for me, adds honesty and a uniqueness to her sound. It’s similar to what Taylor Swift has started doing in her songs, with a spoken section instead of a traditional middle 8. However, it has to be said, I much prefer Almost Autumn’s spoke section (sorry T-Swizzle fans), as you can hear her smile as she’s speaking and, again, it just sounds honest and fun, whereas Taylor can tend to sound bossy and just a little self-righteous- ok enough Taylor bashing for one day.


Let’s Sum it Up

From her quirky voice, to her open lyrics and clean pop style, Almost Autumn is definitely going to be featuring in my summer playlist this year. If there is anything I would say on improvement, it would be the use of the breathy effect in her voice. On certain words, it’s effective and adds some interesting texture to the vocals, but it runs the risk of being a little over-used where is may distract from the beautiful harmonies and lyrics- less is more. I think her sound and style fits with the current trends in the Top 40, yet is not a carbon copy of what is already available to us. I’m excited to watch her journey and I’ll be keeping an eye out for future tracks.


Listen Here

Click here to listen to ‘Only You’ by Almost Autumn


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